Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Healthcare Provider


Dr. Marina Abdel Malak

is a Family Medicine Resident at the University of Toronto. She graduated and completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and went on to study Medicine. She has a passion for medical education, patient empowerment, and increasing awareness about the relationship between mental, emotional, and physical health.


Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented situation. Feelings of isolation, uncertainty, fatigue, and a loss of control have created stress among individuals across the world. Healthcare providers are in a position where they must balance their personal, familial, and work obligations during the pandemic. As frontline workers, healthcare providers are particularly vulnerable to the physical, mental, emotional, and social stressors encountered during crises. This can contribute to burn out, physical illnesses, and dissatisfaction. It is therefore essential that healthcare providers are supported in acknowledging and normalizing these feelings, and accessing resources to help them cope. To maintain social distancing and provide around-the-clock services, there are a variety of online resources available to support healthcare providers during this time. By utilizing various coping skills and seeking support, healthcare providers can protect their mental, emotional, physical, and social (MEPS) health during the COVID-19 situation.
Key Words: COVID-19, pandemic, wellness, physical health, resilience.
The COVID-19 pandemic has created a level of uncertainty, fear, and distress across the world. Feelings of isolation, anxiety, and stress are normal during this time.
Healthcare providers are, in particular, are faced with difficult decisions and situations in the COVID-19 crisis. Balancing personal, familial, and work obligations can be extremely challenging.
Mental, emotional, physical, and social health (MEPS) are equally important. As healthcare providers, we cannot take care of others if we do not care for ourselves first.
Various resources are available to help healthcare providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Developing and utilizing a range of coping tools can promote MEPS health.
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