The Educational Mediums

Is a modern healthcare educational web portal that covers over 35 health-related topics, conditions and concerns. The website offers easy navigation and search tools, a comprehensive Visual Aids library, Ask an Expert and Conference Reports sections. It provides a large published archive of Clinical Reviews, Case Study and CPD/CME presentations. Additionally, the website is mobile device optimized.

Journal of Current Clinical Care

The Journal of Current Clinical Care is a digital CPD/CME publication that publishes 6 regular issues per year. The journal serves as an authoritative body that processes and manages the manuscripts submitted by educators who are Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in their respective fields and publishes articles in the “journal-style” format (issues) that is familiar to the contributors and readers alike. The publication offers unique opportunities for professional groups ‒ such as societies and associations ‒ that are seeking new avenues for dissemination of their educational materials to broader audiences.


Advisory Board