‘The New Normal?’: Living ‘with COVID’


Dr. Marina Abdel Malak, MD, CCFP, BSc.N,

is a Family Physician in Mississauga, Ontario. She has served on several committees and groups, including The Primary Care Network and Collaborative Mental Health Network. She has a passion for medical education, patient empowerment, and increasing awareness about the relationship between mental, emotional, and physical health. Dr. Abdel Malak is highly involved in quality improvement initiatives, and her research interests include strategies to support physician wellness, patient self-management, and optimizing physician education.


Abstract: The worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is finally behind us. Now comes the challenges of learning to 'live with COVID-19'. But what exactly does that mean? This article will provide some answers to such questions as what does living 'with COVID' mean? Who should continue wearing masks? Should we change the way we think about infections? Should we wear personal protective equipment all the time? Does it mean leaving the pandemic life behind and returning to what was 'previously normal?'.
Key Words: COVID-19, pandemic, new normal, living with COVID, masks.
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on our lives the past two years.
We must learn to 'live with COVID' and open our eyes to the deficiencies and strengths of our current systems and practices.
Officials, physicians and patients should work together to optimize healthcare outcome and promote health systems and practices.
A key role of government and public health is managing misinformation.
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