SOLIDAGE Presents an International Dialogue: Chronic Disease and Aging

SOLIDAGE Presents an International Dialogue
Chronic Disease and Aging
From Research to Policy to Practice

On November 6, 2008, SOLIDAGE, the McGill University-Université de Montréal Research Group on Frailty and Aging, in collaboration with FEDERATION CJA, hosted an international symposium on chronic disease and aging. These two key issues are major and inextricable challenges that Quebec and healthcare systems around the world are presently facing.
Chronic disease throughout the life course has a significant impact on the aging process and is most prevalent in later years. The cumulative effect of chronic disease throughout the life course and the age-related decline in physiological reserves contribute to the onset of frailty, disability, and dependency in the aging population. Chronic disease has become the leading driver of healthcare resource utilization in our society. Delaying the onset of frailty and dependency will not only promote independent and healthy aging but could support the long-term sustainability of increasingly burdened healthcare systems.

The symposium brought together decision and policy makers, researchers, healthcare managers and professionals to discuss how the Quebec healthcare system can best meet these challenges in light of international experience and that of other Canadian provinces.


Sponsors for Chronic Disease and Aging:
From Research to Policy to Practice

Supported by:
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux Québec

Public Health Agency of Canada

Réseau québécois de recherché sur le vieillissement

Ministère de la Famille et des Ainés Québec

Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital Foundation

Hydro Québec

Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et
de l’Exportation Québec

Lawrence S. Bergman, M.N.A. for D’Arcy-McGee

Pierre Arcand, M.N.A. for Mont-Royal

Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital, Centre for
Clinical Epidemiology and Community Studies,
Lady Davis Institute

The Dr. Joseph Kaufmann Chair in Geriatric Medicine,
McGill University

Université de Montréal, Département d’administration de la
santé, Groupe de recherche interdisciplinaire en santé (GRIS)

Canadian Initiative on Frailty and Aging

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