terratoma and phlebolith

A Case of Calcified Nodule in the Base of the Tongue


Dr. Pradeep Shenoy, MD, FRCS, FACS, DLO,1 Dr. Lyew Warren, MD, FRCPC,2

1ENT & Neck Surgeon, Campbellton Regional Hospital, Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada.
2Consultant Pathologist, Campbellton Regional Hospital, New Brunswick, Canada.


Abstract: Calcified nodules are uncommon in the base of tongue. Solitary amyloid metaplasia can occur at the base of the tongue and can produce calcification and are difficult to diagnose by histopathological examination.1 Ossoeus choristoma of the tongue is a rare benign condition producing calcified nodule in the base of the tongue.2 Unusual ectopic osseous tongue masses are reported in dermoid cysts or teratomas.3 Osteoma of the base is also reported in the literature.4 Venous malformations with phleboliths are also described in the literature5 causing calcified nodules at the base of tongue.
Key Words: calcified nodules, amyloid metaplasia, osseous choriostoma, dermoid cyst, teratoma and phlebolith.
There are various conditions like ectopic thyroid, lipoma, lymphoma, lymphoid hyperplasia and metastatic lymphatic spread can present with base of tonge swelling. Only a few conditions discussed in the article can have calcified nodule at the base of the tongue.
Base of tongue pathology can be easily missed unless prompt examination, investigations and management is done.
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