Common Myths about mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine


Zainab Abdurrahman, BSc, MMath, MD, FRCPC (Paediatrics), FRCPC (Clinical Immunology and Allergy)

Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) of Paediatrics, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON.


Abstract: There are many concerns the general population has over the new mRNA vaccines that have been produced and are now being distributed in countries around the world to help curb the spread of COVID-19. This review helps to debunk the myths around some of the more common concerns.
Key Words: COVID-19, vaccines, mRNA, trials, studies.
The mRNA vaccine is safe and effective for the prevention of COVID-19.
The two mRNA vaccines approved for use in Canada are the Pfizer-Biontech and the Moderna vaccine.
The Ministry of Health updated their guidelines indicating that the vaccine is still recommended for those with allergies.
It is important to discuss and dispel the myths that patients may have surrounding the mRNA vaccines.
The vaccine is safe and effective for the prevention of COVID-19.
Despite the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, patients who receive it should be reminded to continue wearing a mask and physically distance and follow public health guidelines.
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