knee injuries

How to Understand and Prevent Knee Injuries in the Female Athlete


Dr. Aly Abdulla, MD, CCFP, FCFP, DipSportMed CASEM, CTH, CCPE, McPL,

is a family doctor with specialties in sports medicine, palliative care, and cosmetic medicine. He can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn and


Abstract: Knee injuries in female athletes is more common than in male athletes. There are many theories. Using these theories, prevention strategies are provided to ensure the incidence of such injuries decrease over time.
Key Words: knee injuries, athletes, prevention, exercise.
The incidence of significant knee injury among females is five times higher per player hour than for males.
Investigation shows that a large proportion of female knee injuries are non-contact.
Poor eating habits and eating disorders are more common in females so review this in prevention.
It is best to wear low heels to reduce weakening calf muscles and hamstrings.
Consider strength training to aerobic training at 50/50 and doing stretching after strength training.
Practice proper landing techniques with pliometrics, deceleration training and proprioceptive techniques.
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