#7: Headache Hassles–Part 1

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Hello again everybody and welcome to the next episode of 3p, Pills, Pearls and Patients. I'm your host Dr. Marina Malak and today we have an interesting and I think highly relevant topic that almost everybody can relate to. Today's episode is called Headache Hassles and it is actually the first of two episodes that's going to be focusing on headaches. Today is going to focus on a general overview of headaches, very basic and next episode is going to take a deeper delve into migraines.

So let's talk all things headache. It's kind of funny because I don't think we actually know or at least take the time to think about what exactly a headache means. You know Sometimes the expression says oh you know this is such a headache or doing this is going to be a headache and have you ever really thought about what the word headache means? I mean breaking it down into syllables it literally means your head aches, the head hurts. Now the word headache in medicine has a very wide differential diagnosis and sometimes patients don't know how to accurately describe exactly what it is they're feeling in their head and it's not their fault, I mean there are different types of headaches, there are different causes of pain in the head. There's referred pain, there's primary headaches, there's secondary headaches so my goal today is not to do a very extensive delve into headaches mostly because number one I am not a neurologist and number two you could probably do five, six, seven even ten episodes about headaches and still not cover everything.



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Dr. Marina Malak is a family physician in Mississauga, Ontario and a lecturer and faculty member at the University of Toronto. She is actively involved in medical advocacy, and is a board member of the Mississauga Primary Care Network. She is also a member of the National Committee of Continuing Professional Development at the College of Family Physicians of Ontario, and a member of the Research Ethics Board at Trillium Health Partners.

She is passionate about patient care; medical education; and promoting mental, physical, and emotional wellness. She enjoys reading, writing, public speaking, puzzles, doodling in her bullet journal, and creating drawings on Procreate.