#3: Dealing with Death

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Hello and Welcome to Episode 3 of triple P! Pills, Pearls and Patients. Again I'm your host Dr. Marina Malak.

So I struggle to think about when to talk about this topic for today's episode. Today's episode is called Dealing with Death and I know that sounds really cryptic. Nobody really likes to talk about death, but at the same time it's important to talk about it and there's been lots of things happening lately in the world, you know this little thing called the Covid pandemic, that's really highlighted to myself as the family doctor and as a person why it's important to have these discussions about death and dying. Today we're going to talk about dealing with death both as a family physician and as a person because let's be honest, talking about death is kind of scary, and for some people and some cultures for that matter a little bit taboo.



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Dr. Marina Malak is a family physician in Mississauga, Ontario and a lecturer and faculty member at the University of Toronto. She is actively involved in medical advocacy, and is a board member of the Mississauga Primary Care Network. She is also a member of the National Committee of Continuing Professional Development at the College of Family Physicians of Ontario, and a member of the Research Ethics Board at Trillium Health Partners.

She is passionate about patient care; medical education; and promoting mental, physical, and emotional wellness. She enjoys reading, writing, public speaking, puzzles, doodling in her bullet journal, and creating drawings on Procreate.