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An Elder Abuse Workshop for Healthcare Providers


The Toronto Regional Geriatric Program (RGP) Elder Abuse Network
Rory Fisher, MB, FRCP(Ed)(C) (Chair), Madeline D'Arpino, RN, Tracey Dion, RT, Sherry Glazier, MSW, RSW, Rola Moghabghab, RN, MN, Elizabeth O, BSc.OT, Anne Stephens, BScN, MEd, GNC(C), Lynn Zimmerman, MSW, RSW.

The problem of elder abuse has been highlighted by the Ontario government's recent strategy. Considerable information is available about elder abuse but there is a lack of connection between this knowledge and the day-to-day activities of healthcare professionals. The Toronto Regional Geriatric Program therefore has developed an elder abuse workshop for frontline staff. In this workshop, elder abuse is defined, types of abuse are discussed, prevalence is addressed, victims and abusers are profiled and case discussions of an interactive nature take place. A post-workshop package is provided. The next step will be to develop a "train the trainer" model.
Key words: elder abuse, workshop, Ontario government, Regional Geriatric Program.