Louis-Philippe Girard, MD, MBT, FRCSC,

Clinical Nephrologist, Associate Professor, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.


The hallmark of Diabetic Nephropathy is albuminuria. Albuminuria is a marker of poor renal and CV prognosis and should be identified in all patients where CKD is suspected.
Organ protection should be a priority in patients with DN. Very solid evidence exists for the SGTL2i class as it pertains to renal protection. Patients with DN are at very high risk of CV disease and its complications. There are robust data demonstrating CV protection when SGLT2i and GLP-1RAs are used in patients with DKD.
A1C control remains a critical component of preventing the progression of DN and can now be achieved in a safe manner with newer agents that do not cause hypoglycemia.
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