#2: Interview with Dr. Eric Cadesky

Hello there. It's a pleasure to meet you all. My name is Alykhan Abdulla, and I am the co-host of Med Talks: Beyond the White Coat. This is our very first podcast. I'm actually very excited to participate in it with you and also share our surprising guest. Well, let me tell you a little bit about what our intention is, and then it'll be a lot easier when I introduce our guest.

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AA: Welcome back to Med Talks Beyond the White Coat. Today I'm introducing my co-host Moiz Lakhani. I am certain this podcast will help you see how hard work, humility, and facing challenges head on creates some very, very interesting stories. Please welcome my friend Dr. Eric Cadesky.




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Alykhan Abdulla, BSC, MD, LMCC, CCFPC, DipSportMed CASEM, FCFCP, CTH (ISTM), CCPE, Masters Cert Phys Leader, ICD.D is the Medical Director of The Kingsway Health Centre, The Kingsway Travel Clinic, and The Kingsway Cosmetic Clinic. He is also the Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine and Academic Clinical Professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Nursing. In addition he is the Director of UOttawa Undergraduate Medical Education Leadership Development Curricula. Dr. Abdulla is the Editor in Chief Journal of Current Clinical Care Sports Medicine section. He is the Board Director Bruyere Continuing Care, ESO-OHT Primary Care Table, Ontario Medical Foundation, College of Family Physicians of Canada, 700 Sussex Drive Board (OCLCC 713), The Rideau Club Finance & Audit and Past Chair Section of General and Family Practice Ontario Medical Association.

Moiz Lakhani, BHSc graduate from McMaster University and current medical student at the University of Ottawa, co-hosts the Med Talks: Beyond the White Coat podcast. A 2021 Cansbridge fellow, Moiz has spoken at the UN HQ, Youth Assembly Conferences, and WISE in Qatar. He's also a 2022 Diana Award recipient, the highest honor for youth in social action and humanitarian work.