#12: Frailty in the Elderly

RS: Hello and welcome to another episode of the Medical Narratives podcast. I'm Regina Starr and today we will delve into the topic of Frailty in the Elderly. Frailty among the elderly presents a multifaceted challenge to both society and society at large. As a medical condition, it signifies a state of vulnerability, often resulting from age related declines in physical and mental health. This condition places a significant burden on health care systems, increasing hospitalizations and health care costs.

Moreover, frail individuals may experience reduced quality of life and increased dependance on caregivers. Societally, addressing frailty necessitates reconfiguring health care systems to provide better support for older adults and promoting preventative measures through healthier lifestyles. The challenge of frailty underscores the pressing need for a comprehensive, age sensitive approach to elderly care. To discuss this topic, we sat down with Dr. Michael Gordon, a well-known geriatrician specialist and the host of the Medical Narratives podcast.

RS: Hi Michael.

MG: Hi. Good morning.

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Dr. Michael Gordon recently retired after a fulfilling career as a geriatrician that spanned 56 years, 44 of which he spent working at the Baycrest Center in Toronto. He is Emeritus Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Dr. Gordon is a recognized ethicist and a thought leader on all topics of care of the elderly and end-of-life decisions. Currently, Dr. Gordon provides part-time professional medical consulting mainly in the domain of cognition and memory loss.