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January 11th 2012

Celebrated specialist in geriatric care is to lead further expansion of the educational resource with a focus on Dementia., the leading Canadian Network of Health Education resources is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Michael Gordon as the Editor-in-Chief for the network’s Dementia Educational Resource.

As an author, ethicist, clinician and an educator, Dr. Michael Gordon is recognized as a Key Opinion Leader in the area of Geriatrics and Dementia specifically and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that he will channel towards the further development of the educational programs for our members based on the recently conducted Members’ Needs Assessments.

“Dementia is a very complex and progressive disease with health, psychosocial, economic and ethical implications for families, caregivers and the patient that we will try to cover from these various perspectives”

-Dr. Michael Gordon, the Editor-in-Chief of the Dementia Educational Resource.  Dr. Gordon is the Medical Program Director of Palliative Care at Baycrest Geriatric Health Care System

"It's clear to all that the heaviest burden rests on the shoulders of primary care and family physicians and our hope that we will be able to address their needs by offering relevant content and programs that match their interests."

-Dr. D’Arcy Little, the editorial director of and its sister publication, the Journal of Current Clinical Care. Dr. Little is a family physician, diagnostic radiologist and medical writer. He completed fellowships in Care of the Elderly and Academic Medicine

"The rapid, almost epidemic, increase in dementia cases, resulting from our aging population, will be the major medical challenge of the 21st century, impacting our society. We aim to make the HP's Dementia educational resource a trusted source for timely and practical Continuing Medical Education and development."

- Dr. Barry J. Goldlist, senior member of the advisory board for [Geriatrics and Dementia] and the Journal of Current Clinical Care. Dr. Goldlist is a nationally recognized geriatrician with a long standing interest in medical education and medical journalism. His geriatric practice has a focus on dementia.

The aim of the resource is to provide primary care practitioners and specialists alike with timely and practical, easy-to-access and on-demand tools in dealing with the growing number of patients who have Alzheimer’s disease and other Dementias. 

Dr. Gordon will be assembling together a working group of professionals interested in knowledge transfer. If you feel you are able to contribute intellectually to this initiative we would like to hear from you.
Please click on the following link and fill out the form to let us know your interests and the capacity in which you will be able to contribute:
Contribution to Dementia Resource

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Comprised of 1000s of clinical reviews, CMEs, bio-medical illustrations and animations and other resources, all organized in the 34 condition zones, our vision is to provide physicians and allied healthcare professionals with access to credible, timely and multi-disciplinary continuing medical education from anywhere and on any media consumption device. The Dementia Educational Resource is the compilation of high quality clinical reviews, online CME programs, library of original visual aids, interviews, roundtable discussions and related conference reports.

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