Treatment for Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia

Dr. Robert Madan is currently the Acting Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Executive Medical Director for the Centre for Mental Health and the Medical Program Director for the Psychiatric Day Hospital at Baycrest.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
- Describe the problems with pharmacological treatment of behavioral symptoms of dementia;
- Describe a non-pharmacological approach to treating behavioral symptoms of dementia.

Keywords: dementia, behaviour, agitation


Dr.R.Madan is an excellent and well informed speaker. It is always important for all health professionals to be aware non pharmacological methods should be used first before considering the atypical antipsychotics unless the behaviours pose risk to either caregivers or patients themselves.

Excellent and Brief Review of BPSD. Up todate & useful clinical information for practising physicians.