Part 3: Using Your EMR Effectively

Ian PUN, MD,

Family Physician, Scarborough, Ontario. OSCAR McMaster EMR user since 2010.


Abstract: The leading-edge generation of EMR usage comprises extended interconnectivity to other healthcare databases, expanded communication between providers and their patients and integration of medical diagnostic and support devices ready for remote monitoring. These features are being developed and will become widely adopted in the near future.
Key Words: EMR, OSCAR McMaster EMR, OLIS, HRM, Cancer Care registry, vaccine cold chain.
Have your EMR connect to government websites so information is directly pushed into your EMR.
Health Card databases (HCV), OHIP billing database (MCEDT), Cancer database (CCO SAR), lab database (OLIS), Hospital databases (HRM) and outpatient lab databases (HL7).
Connect medical devices to your EMR.
Communicate with your colleagues electronically through secure means.
Set up your EMR to have working functionality with the CCO SAR, HRM, OLIS and lab databases.
Communicate online with your referring and consulting colleagues.
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