The BreathWorks Program

The Lung Association Helps Patients Learn to Manage COPD

Susan Lightstone, co-author of Every Breath I Take: A Guide to Living with COPD, and former Senior Advisor for the National Judicial Institute, Ottawa, ON.

Looking hopeful and gazing skyward, Lorraine LeBlanc is pictured on the front cover of The BreathWorks Plan, a 41-page educational guide about living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) written for those, like Ms. LeBlanc, who know they have the disease or those who suspect they might have it. The guide is plainly written and full of practical advice for COPD patients on how to work together with their doctors to manage their disease, and is also intended for use by the family, friends and caregivers of those with COPD.

The BreathWorks Plan is distributed free of charge and forms an integral part of The Lung Association's recently announced BreathWorks Program.