3P Episode 1: About Pills, Pearls & Patients (3P)

Welcome to 3P: pills, pearls, and patients where we will discuss current events in medicine, stories from real patient-physician encounters, and gain insight into what it's like being a physician in today's society.

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Hello there and welcome to 3P. Pills, Pearls & Patients. I'm your host Dr. Marina Malik.

So welcome. Today is the first episode of Pills, Pearls & Patients. This is the introductory episode where we'll talk a little bit about myself, my practice and what the point of this podcast is and where it's going.

First just a disclaimer. Anything shared on this podcast is obviously not meant to replace any medical advice. It's the opinions of myself and any guests that we might have and if there are any references, they'll always be provided as well.

Please feel free to share any comments that you might have. Obviously we're aiming for an open discussion here and I look forward to you guys interacting with us for this podcast.

So a little bit about myself. As I mentioned, my name is Dr. Marina Malik. I am a fairly new medical graduate in family medicine. I practice in Mississauga, Ontario. I am a Lecturer and Faculty Member of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Family Medicine and Community Medicine. I'm really interested in teaching and medical education and I don't have any particular interests in medicine and I guess that's why i became a family doctor. I like to do it all from young to old, big, small, mental health, respiratory diseases, endocrine diseases, you name it.

I also do have my own personal blog, Health is Wealth and this is where I talk a little bit about my previous experiences as well as just some day-to-day thoughts. So if you're interested in checking it out it's

Book CoverI've also written a book which is called Recipe for Recovery, I battled and Overcame an Eating Disorder and You Can, Too! and that's mostly available on the publisher website at Again that's, and eventually you'll be able to find this podcast transcribed so please feel free to read that afterwards if you're interested in any links as well as any information shared in this podcast.



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Dr. Marina Malak is a family physician in Mississauga, Ontario and a lecturer and faculty member at the University of Toronto. She is actively involved in medical advocacy, and is a board member of the Mississauga Primary Care Network. She is also a member of the National Committee of Continuing Professional Development at the College of Family Physicians of Ontario, and a member of the Research Ethics Board at Trillium Health Partners.

She is passionate about patient care; medical education; and promoting mental, physical, and emotional wellness. She enjoys reading, writing, public speaking, puzzles, doodling in her bullet journal, and creating drawings on Procreate.


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